03/18/2010 IIEA to Present E85 Emissions Test Results on March 24

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture to Present E85 Emissions Test Results on March 24
What: Alcohol Fuel for Jobs and Clean Air News Event!

A public briefing and call to action to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rule in favor of the increased use of alcohol fuel blends. The EPA has failed to issue a ruling allowing states to mandate an increase in the maximum alcohol fuel blend from 10 to 15% (E-15) nationwide citing a lack of sufficient understanding of the fuel’s potential benefits as a gas additive. 

The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA) briefing will present the emissions test results from a study conducted at a California certified smog station using Daryl Hannah’s 1979 Pontiac Trans-Am of “Kill Bill” movie fame.

The car was converted to run on ethanol last fall and refutes the EPA’s concerns about higher blends of ethanol not being appropriate for older vehicles.

The testing compares the exhaust emissions of unleaded gas with E-10, E-15, and E-85 fuel blends, demonstrating that there is no reason to delay increasing the use of alcohol as a blended additive to reduce toxic emissions currently generated by burning gasoline.

Along with the EPA news, Hannah and Blume will detail the many ways that small and mid-scale alcohol fuel production can effectively solve pressing health, environmental, and economic issues by:

• Completely eliminating the need for imported oil
• Stopping climate change and reversing worldwide deforestation
• Creating literally millions of new non-exportable “Green” job opportunities
• Providing abundant, sustainable and locally grown food supplies
• Using a wide range of renewable resources to produce clean fuel for far less than gasoline
• Dramatically reducing the costs of home heat, cooking and transportation
• Enabling every car in America to run on sustainable BioFuel

In addition to the program, the master mechanic for the Trans-Am car conversion project, Dave Stoltz (Pacific Flyer Engineering) will be on hand to answer questions regarding the car conversion process.

Who: Actor/activist Daryl Hannah • Rural revitalization advocate, Alcohol Fuel expert and author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas! David Blume • Access Sacramento Cable TV • Flyers and Pacific Power Solar, General Partner David Dwelle, • Pacific Flyer Engineering’s Dave Stoltz.

Where: “Flyers” E-85 fuel station located at 4250 Madison Avenue, North Highlands, CA. Go west on Madison Avenue just off I-80.

When: Wednesday March 24, 2010. The briefing and video uplink runs from 2:30 - 3:30pm PT

Coca-Cola will provide free refreshments; featuring its new 100% recyclable Dasani “PlantBottle” packaged water.  The Dasani PlantBottle is made with up to 30% of its material derived from plants to replace a portion of petroleum in PET plastic allowing The Coca-Cola Company to reduce dependence on a non-renewable resource.

LIVE VIDEO STREAM FEED:  IIEA, in conjunction with George Hall of Video Streaming Services and Access Sacramento is providing broadcasters with a live video feed link for the event, or click this IIEA link to watch FREE.

For more information, call 530-257-3533.
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