May-June 2008 BioFuels Journal - Blume's Book Tells Why It's Needed, How to Make It

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Author Praises Ethanol

Blume’s Book Tells Why It’s Needed, How to Make It

Frank Zaworski, associate editor  - BioFuels Journal

If there could be a general manual for the world of ethanol, then Alcohol Can Be A Gas! Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century might be it.

This 594-page tome ($59), listed by Mother Earth News in its “Book for Wiser Living” series, presents the story of ethanol in a straight- forward and compelling fashion.

Author David Blume is executive director of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, the book’s publisher ( He developed the book over a 25-year period. With an inspiring introduction by R. Buckminster Fuller, Blume’s work provides rational responses to a number of the myths about ethanol that are continuously repeated in the mass media.

Blume explains why alcohol fuel is important, how it is made on a commercial scale, and how it can be made at home.

“This book is the distilled essence of the most pertinent information ever assembled in one place on alcohol fuel,” crows Blume in his introduction.

Blume’s prose, in addition to delivering the facts, is very entertaining as it burns with a mighty zeal for his subject.

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