DVD - Greening the Automotive Industry


Greening the Automotive Industry:
The Conversion of the "Kill Bill" Trans-Am

This one-hour video brings you behind-the-scenes, where David Blume and a top team of mechanics and bodywork transformed Darryl Hannah's famous "Kill Bill" Pontiac Trans-Am from a gas-guzzling garage ornament to a totally green road rocket powered by alcohol fuel.

This vehicle has been featured at media appearances, as well as at the 2010 New Living Expo in San Francisco.

The disc features:

  • A look at the "Green" body restoration work done by Karl Ryan, owner of Professional Touch Auto Body, in Scotts Valley, California.
  • A talk with engine conversion specialist and lead mechanic Dave Stoltz, of Pacific Flyer Engineering, in Auburn, California.
  • A discussion with Darryl Hannah and David Blume about the benefits and practicality of running all our cars, not just classic street rods, on readily available alcohol fuel.


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