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Member News Alert 06/21/12

1) 24 Hours to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Rio+20 News Alert!

2) David Blume Interview UPDATE!

3) David Blume Public Talk Petaluma, CA Sat. 6/23 4:00 - 7:00pm PT

4) Support IIEA and Spread the Truth About Our Real Energy Choice


1) 24 Hours to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies:

There is a proposal to end fossil fuel subsidies hanging in the balance at the Rio Earth Summit -- and your voice could make a big impact in the next 24 hours.

Right now, oil exporters like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have succeeded in pushing forward a weak draft agreement that would do nothing to cut polluter handouts, which amount to an estimated $1 trillion dollars. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is arriving in Rio today and has the power to improve the text by adding a clear deadline to phase out fossil fuel subsidies by 2015.

Thanks to Monday’s TwitterStorm, we now have the Obama Administration on the record supporting our call to action for Rio+20 -- the White House and top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi all tweeted their commitment to #endfossilfuelsubsidies.

Now, we need to hold them accountable to that commitment and turn their tweets into action.

Secretary Clinton is giving an important speech at the Rio+20 world conference on Friday -- and we need to send her a message before she does.

You can Sign on here:  http://www.350.org/clinton-in-rio


In the last week, over a million people have signed petitions calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and on Monday, our ‘Twitterstorm’ generated over 100,000 tweets to make this the top trending issue worldwide. Thanks to your tweeting, signing, and posting, we harnessed the power of the web and cut through the noise in Rio -- and have made it clear to world leaders that ending fossil fuel subsidies has a clear public mandate.

Now it’s up to Secretary Clinton to put her skills to work improving the Rio+20 deal. Once she enters the conference center at Rio, she’ll be cut off from the outside world and mostly immune to public pressure. But if enough of us sign on to this petition in the next 24 hours, our team here on the ground can get your signatures directly to the US negotiating team before Clinton’s big speech: www.350.org/clinton-in-rio

Make no mistake, the fossil fuel industry and their allies have already succeeded in mostly wrecking the Rio process -- these meetings won’t come close to achieving the transformative agreements we need to save our environment and support sustainable development. But there’s still time to stick it to these corporate criminals and stop our money from funding their climate destruction.

When President Bush came to the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992 he told the world that “the US way of life is not up for negotiation.” We know Secretary Clinton can do better. When she speaks to the summit this Friday, let’s make sure she says, “end fossil fuel subsidies!”


Cast your vote today!  http://www.350.org/clinton-in-rio


2) David Blume Radio Interview UPDATE!

David was interviewed by Curt Linderman on Natural News Radio last Saturday 6/16 while he was presenting at the Chicago Health and Freedom Expo.

Following is a link to the archive page.


 Listen to David’s interview, check some more out and share the link with your friends and colleagues!

Curt Linderman Host: Linderman Unleashed

Natural NewsRadiowww.naturalnewsradio.com


Got an Idea for a program you’d like to hear David on? Let us know. You can also help us keep David on the air, by writing to any or all of our media leaders today. Tell them  “With Gas prices higher than milk and bread, please give David Blume an opportunity to explain our real energy options as well as how we can stop our fossil fuel dependence while creating clean fuel, abundant food and countless work opportunities” Let’s write:

George Noory? - CoasttoCoastam


Skype users call: george97313

Ira Flatow

NPR’s Science Friday


Amy Goodman

Democracy Now


+1 (212) 431-9090


It is just that easy and together we can succeed!


3) David Blume Public Appearance Saturday June 23, 2012, Petaluma, CA

Are you concerned about ever increasing fuel and energy bills?

Are you tired of seeing the Oil Cartel claim bigger and bigger quarterly profits at the expense of our personal incomes, environment and health?

Are you tired of seeing our money and manufacturing jobs get exported out of our communities and country?

Do you believe abundant food, fuel and jobs are the REAL Homeland Security?

Good News!

You are not alone and you can be a key part of the energy independence revolution that is taking place today!

Please attend the following open-to-the-public talk to learn how we can transform our energy and economic future.

Join us Saturday, June 23, 2012: 4:00pm to network, David's talk runs 5:00 - 7:00pm PST

David Blume Open to the Public talk

Sat 6/23 At Lydia Kindheart's Sunflower Center

Sunflower Center, Petaluma, CA

The Sunflower Center


1435 N McDowell Blvd

Ste 100

Petaluma, CA 94954

(707) 792-5300



4) Help support David Blume and IIEA’s work!

Give your successful graduate a gift of knowledge and hope that keep giving. Prepare them for the real world with a copy of Alcohol Can Be A Gas! or one of our new DVD’s.

Help spread the truth about appropriate scale bioethanol’s potential to solve our energy problems for now and the imaginable future. Select from our special offers below.

2012 Jump Start Specials:http://www.alcoholcanbeagas.com/store/videos

New DVDs and THE book on Alcohol Fuel available!

Gifts that Give a Future

DVD pack

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Live In LA– A two-hour bonanza of information on the business opportunities for and uses of appropriate-scale alcohol fuel. Demos include:

•                Ed Begley Jr. installing alcohol fuel conversion kit on his 2000 Toyota Prius

•                Daryl Hannah talking about the complete alcohol fuel and eco-makeover of her Kill Bill famous 1979 Pontiac Tans Am

•                Alcohol fuel cookstove

•                Kerosene furnace burner running on alcohol fuel

•                An Alcohol Fuel business opportunity presentation by L. Hunter Lovins – President, Natural Capital Solutions



Green Auto – The EcoReview: Greening of the Auto Industry

An hour long interview and behind the scene look at how David Blume and a top team of mechanics and body work specialists transformed Daryl Hannah's Kill Bill movie-famous 1979 Pontiac Trans Am from a gas guzzling garage ornament to a totally green road rocket powered by alcohol fuel and featured at media appearances as well as the New Living Expo in San Francisco. Disc features:

·       A look at the "Green" body restoration work done by Karl Ryan owner- Professional Touch Auto Body, Scotts Valley CA

·       A talk with engine conversion specialist and lead mechanic Dave Stoltz - Pacific Flyer Engineering, Auburn CA

·       A discussion with Daryl Hannah and David Blume about the benefits and practicality of running all our cars, not just classic street rods, on readily available alcohol fuel



Alcohol can be a gas!

A two and a half hour comprehensive talk by regenerative Ag and Biofuel production expert David Blume that covers his critically acclaimed and Amazon.com best selling book "Alcohol Can Be A Gas!

This DVD includes:

·       Alcohol fuel demonstrations

·       Anti-alcohol fuel Myth busting explanations

·       A comprehensive discussion of potential fuel stocks, surplus and waste stream resources to use in making alcohol fuel for less than a dollar a gallon

·       A discussion of developing high-return byproducts that increase revenue and work opportunities for fuel producers dramatically



From the Pen of David Blume: The 600 page definitive guide to Regenerative Ag and appropriate-scale alcohol fuel production with over 450 citations, illustrations, design blueprints and a complete ATF Permit for your own still system.



Alcohol Can Be A Gas! The resource for transforming our energy future!


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Alcohol Can Be A Gas! is the benchmark resource for people interested in producing their own clean, renewable appropriate-scale alcohol fuel for personal or commercial use for as little as 50 cents a gallon. You can use the fuel to completely replace your current gas habit! This encyclopedia offers detailed insight on every aspect of alcohol fuel production beginning with the origins of alcohol fuel use and production. Its 600 illustrated pages provide an entertaining and informative resource covering: 

Land assessment and use strategies

Crop and fuel-stock sources



Methods for developing high-value byproducts that stem from making your own alcohol fuel 

Uses for alcohol fuel (cooking, heating, refrigeration, electrical production and transportation)

Engine conversion mechanics

Permits and governmental requirements for producing home or commercial scale fuel


This is the primer for real energy independence and sustainable community development!


Give yourself the opportunity to produce your own homeland security. Produce your own: abundant food and clean water, fuel for energy, transportation cooking and heating, and non-exportable job opportunities.


Together we can transform our energy future.


Thank you for caring

The IIEA team


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