11/2007 Living Nutrition Magazine - Instilling a New Alcohol Fuel Revolution the Permaculture Way


My interview with bio-systems ecologist David Blume was a wondrously revealing breath of fresh air. This author, teacher, farmer and green activist is one of the grandfathers of the permaculture movement. He is poised to change the world, and I hope many will jump on his alcohol-fueled bandwagon.
Founder of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, David is the world’s leading authority and proponent of alcohol fuel for automobiles (this was the original car fuel).
His new book, Alcohol Can Be a Gas!, is the the most extensive coverage of the nuts and bolts, whys and wherefores of alcohol fuel—and we hope it sparks an immediate revolution.
I first met David around 1996 when he gave a brief talk at a San Francisco LiFE meeting about his organic produce subscription program for San Francisco Peninsula residents. David’s innovative growing methods were yielding unprecedented bounties. At the time, I had no idea of David’s background or of the revolution he talks about here. I reconnected with David this past spring when, out of the blue, my friend Laurie Masters informed me that she’d spent a good six months proofreading the 596 pages of David’s earthshaking new book. She sent me David’s DVD on the subject;  I was hooked and incited to take massive action.
Later this spring, after reading the pre-press edition of the book, I met with David at the park behind the Marin County Civic Center. I spent a good long time interviewing him and learning a lot more. We covered the basics of David’s premises on how and why alcohol is the economic and environmental solution to the industrial world’s looming energy crisis, and a major boost for our ailing planet. For more in-depth information, you can order David’s book and DVD from Living Nutrition, keep updated via this magazine, and visit his www.permaculture.com.

[See the following link for the entire interview] 

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