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The Still Revolution

For David Blume, in the classic 'Chicken 'n Egg' paradox of which came first, it's the internal combustion (IC) engine that came first, the fuel came later and that fuel was, by and large, alcohol, not gasoline. In fact, Blume contends that the stuff we use almost universally today to power our motor vehicles was the waste by-product of the kerosene distillation business; the internal combustion engine had to be adapted to burn it. Alcohol was the original fuel that powered the IC engine into the 20th century.
Want proof? Blume points out in Alcohol Can Be a Gas that the original Model T included two overlooked and often misunderstood innovations: the spark gap adjuster on the steering column and the manual choke. Both were intended to help the driver adjust his fuel air mixture and spark timing so the engine could burn any blend of either alcohol or gasoline. Today, we rely on sophisticated microprocessor sensors and computers to do what the average Model T owner did manually.
It's interesting insights like this that make Blume's long-delayed opus to alcohol such an informative and entertaining read.

See the attached PDFs for both of the two part series from eVworld.com

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