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Alternative Energy Fuels
Biofuels Summit

Hau Kuiang

Hau Kuiang / Reporter
Last updated: Thursday, December 06th, 2007 06:44:26 PM

PASCO -- Thirty percent of all biodiesel produced in the U.S. will soon come from Washington. KAPP-KVEW's Hau Kuiang reports.

This 18-thousand square foot biodiesel facility held its grand opening in Burbank in May. The plant turns vegetable oils and animal fat into fuel for any vehicle.

"I think the message we want to get across is biofuel is readily accepted in current automobiles without modification," said Ramon Benavides, Gen-X Energy.

One of the people behind the project appeared at Columbia Basin College today, joining some 75-people for the second annual Western States Biofuels Summit.

"It has to do with the education of the public and how ethanol can replace petroleum. So i think it has a lot to do with the meeting the demand and the more ethanol plants will come," said June Ollero, Western States Biofuel Association.

Alternative fuel sources can range from vegetables, to good ole moonshine. "Alcohol was the first fuel before gasoline was ever invented. And it's a lot cheaper than gasoline is today.You can make your own alcohol for about 50-cents a gallon," said David Blume, author. "People can do it with limited capital, and people can solve the energy woes ourselves, rather than waiting for the government or business to do it for us."

David Blume is an organic farmer from Santa Cruz. He blames Washington D.C.'s ties with Detroit for hindering a nationwide push for alternative fuels.

"Obstacles are mainly political. There's no technological, no capital reasons, there's no business reasons as to why we can't be making alcohol in our cars today."

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