12/05/2006 KNDO - 2nd Annual Bio fuel Summit


2nd Annual Bio fuel Summit

PASCO, Wash. -- The biofuel industry continues to offer the promise of a cleaner environment, less dependence on foreign oil, and lower costs for farmers.

Wednesday, people in the industry met ay CBC to talk about the progress in promoting biofuels.

Flower Power USA is just one of the companies at the Biofuels Summit at CBC that is taking advantage of the emerging biofuel industry. Flower Power hopes to use sunflower seeds to make fuel for farmers. Ion Manea is the president and CEO of Flower Power.

He says a farmer can plant sunflower seeds, have them crushed using his equipment, and then use the end products to improve their farm.

The oil can be used to power farm equipment and another part can be used as animal feed. Manea says, "By processing the fuel and meal locally, you cut all of the expense related to the transportation of fuel."

Manea says that if a farmer plants 12% of his land with sunflowers, he can create enough oil to run all of his farm equipment.

Flower Power is just one example of the great acceptance biofuels are getting across the state.

The Northwest Association of Biofuel's Nikola Davidson says, "More commercial fleets are using biofuels as well as individuals so it's really exploded I'd say in the past year."

David Blume spoke at Wednesday's Summit. He says he is emphasizing to farmers just how easy and profitable producing biofuels can be.

Both Blume and Davidson agree, the key to the continued success of biofuels is getting the word out that they can be a viable alternative to fossil fuels and a cost-effective product for farmers to grow.


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