From farmers to self-sufficiency enthusiasts, from contractors to anyone who is disgusted each time they fill their tank with gas — you will be surprised to see the variety of people who care about alcohol fuel and the benefits they get.


  • Farmers can increase their profits by producing and using alcohol fuel. They can:
  • Create an economic engine that can vitalize the family farm.
  • Create substantial off-season income.
  • Make their own fuel for under $1.00 a gallon — and get the government to pay them $.61 for every gallon they use.
  • Make more money raising non-traditional energy crops, rather than traditional crops.
  • Improve soil by rotating high-value energy crops into current crop rotations.
  • Make money by using distillery byproducts as high-quality animal feed and fertilizer.
  • Establish an alcohol fuel station in town and sell their excess ethanol.


Consumers can be part of the solution, not the problem, while saving money. They can:

  • Run a 50% alcohol/gasoline mixture right now in whatever vehicles they’re driving.
  • Easily convert vehicles to use alcohol fuel for optimum performance.
  • Improve air quality by using ethanol.
  • Save money by using ethanol.
  • Buy sustainably produced ethanol from a Community-Supported Energy (CSE) Co-op.
  • Band together to create their own CSE, enjoying energy independence and tax breaks.


Environmentalists see that alcohol fuel, being based on plants not petroleum, can help reverse global warming. They can:

  • Implement a plan using alcohol fuel to stop, and ultimately reverse, atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use alcohol fuel to transform industrial agriculture into a diversified, localized system that eliminates all waste effluents, provides more humane treatment of livestock, and produces plentiful organic food.
  • Use alcohol fuel to eliminate all need for imported oil.
  • Use alcohol fuel to eliminate the need for herbicides and GMO crops.
  • Use alcohol fuel to save money on fuel while improving air quality.

Community Planners

Community planners can use alcohol fuel to solve problems and increase revenue. They can:

  • Set up a farm/micro-distillery to serve as an economic engine to revitalize depressed communities — by providing jobs, producing valuable food and fuel, and generating income.
  • Keep expenditures for food and fuel inside the community.
  • Set up an ethanol filling station and save money operating fleets.
  • Earn money selling fuel to the public.
  • Produce ethanol from municipal biomass
  • Create a Community-Supported Energy (CSE) Co-op that can provide low-priced fuel to community members.

Self-Sufficiency Enthusiasts

Self-sufficiency enthusiasts can use alcohol fuel to become completely energy independent. They can:

  • Make their own fuel and sell any extra.
  • Produce fuel that will be as valuable as any sort of currency.
  • Use ethanol as a amotor fuel or as a co-generation fuel to generate electricity adnd heat, or for cooking and lighting.

Food Distributors & Grocers

Food distributors and grocers can save money by producing and using alcohol fuel. They can:

  • Turn their produce waste into fuel.
  • Eliminate landfill costs for disposing of damaged produce.


Permaculturists can create elegant integrated systems with alcohol fuel. They can:

  • Produce solar-based fuel, along with such co-products as food, fertilizer, and animal feed.
  • Create a fully integrated food/fuel agricultural system.

Home Brewers

Home brewers can take their skills to the next level. They can:

  • Distill their fermented mash into fuel alcohol.

Boat Owners

Boat owners find that ethanol is a far superior fuel. They can:

  • Save money by using alcohol fuel instead of the expensive gasoline marinas sell.
  • Enjoy using a fuel that doesn’t stink.
  • Improve engine performance: ethanol won’t stall the engine if there’s water in the fuel, since alcohol absorbs the water
  • Clean sludge out of the fuel system with ethanol.

Anyone Who Is Disgusted Each Time They Fill Their Tank With Gas

Anyone who is disgusted each time they fill their tank with gas can do something positive instead. By using alcohol fuel, they can:

  • Be part of an environmentally sensible, achievable way to stop, and reverse, global warming while eliminating all need for imported oil.
  • Be part of a solution that can produce enough fuel, in an environmentally sustainable way, to replace fossil fuels, while increasing our food supply.

Download Alcohol Fuel: Who Cares?