Subtitled Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century, the book shows how to make alcohol fuel for less than $1 a gallon.

WATSONVILLE, CA, October 10, 2023 — Alcohol fuel expert David Blume today announced the release of the digital version of his classic book, Alcohol Can Be a Gas! Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century. The new version incorporates the entire contents of the original print book: 640 8-1/2 by 11 pages, with 514 charts, photos, and illustrations, 473 footnotes, and a 700-word glossary. The book is published by the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture and is a Mother Earth News Book for Wiser Living. It is available on Amazon Kindle for $27 and can be read on any device by using a free app.

Blume said, “With gasoline prices through the roof, it’s time to put Alcohol Can Be a Gas! in the hands of people around the world so they can learn the truth about alcohol fuel. It’s not just about cost, either. How we produce our energy from here on out will determine how we govern ourselves and how we relate to nature and the environment.” He states that the time is right for alcohol fuel to become the standard worldwide. “The print book is massive — it weighs 7 pounds. Now, with the digital version, we only have to ship electrons, so we can get the information to people who need it and who will be inspired by it. And, of course, it’s very handy and cool to have all this info in your pocket and fully searchable.”

Alcohol Can Be A Gas! sets forth a technical plan that presents alcohol fuel as a viable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Richard Branson calls the book a “tour de force.” John Schaeffer, president and founder of Real Goods, calls it “the definitive opus on alcohol as a fuel.” He says, “From the 30,000-foot view to the most minute technical detail, Alcohol Can be a Gas! makes a strong case for the practical, ecological, political, and economic sense in converting to ethanol. This book has the promise to knock some sense into our insidious fossil-fueled economy.”

Kirkus Reviews says that Alcohol Can Be a Gas! is “everything you wanted to know about alcohol-fuel production but were afraid to ask.” The book is divided internally into six books dealing with various aspects of alcohol fuel, including how to make it, how to run engines and machinery with it, and how to transform the United States and the world into a carbohydrate economy instead of a petroleum economy. The book provides essential information for farmers, contractors, alternative energy researchers, those concerned about Peak Oil, and small-scale entrepreneurs.

Author David Blume taught his first ecology class in 1970. After working with NASA on a permaculture-inspired self-sufficient energy project, he founded American Homegrown Fuel Co., a 15-employee organization that taught farmers and others how to produce and use low-cost alcohol fuel at home or on the farm. He worked with PBS to port his alcohol fuel workshop, which he taught to over 7,000 people, to the 10-part television series Alcohol as Fuel.

Blume is the founder of Whiskey Hill Farms, organic growers of high-value specialty crops in Santa Cruz County, California, and of Blume Distillation, pioneers in turning agricultural waste into useful alcohol-related products. He has appeared over 1000 times in print, radio, television, and online media. He is a frequent speaker at ecological and agricultural conferences, and consults for clients including governments, farmers, and food processors on regenerative practices and technologies, including turning food waste into fuel while obtaining animal feed, carbon dioxide, and valuable industrial products as byproducts, and advising NASA on how to grow food on Mars.