Alcohol Fuel Fans Speak Up

Below, some of our fans talk about Alcohol Can Be A Gas!

Now look what you made me do!

I am very upset with you.

So this morning I decided to take a leap of faith and fill my 98 VW golf with E-85.
After driving 150 miles, I still can’t tell the difference and I spent $10 less to fill my tank.
I may consider modifying it but it’s actually still kind of hard to find Ethanol in WI.
At this rate, I might actually get better mileage on E-85 than gasoline.

Now I’m going to have to stop buying traditional gasoline and spend the money I’ve saved on copies of your book for everyone I know.

*Shakes fist* BLUME, you magnificent bastard! I read your BOOK! *Shakes fist*

Now look what you made me do,

—Josh W.

Your book has given my life purpose

Hello David,

I know we havn’t spoke in a while. I have been very busy getting ready for deployment. I am a construction electrician, leaving in the morning to go to California to train for 3 months. Then its off to the war in Afghanistan for 8 months.

I wanted to tell you before I went that your book has given my life purpose. I have a project to come back to. I have plans to create a School of Applied Knowledge when I get back, of which your work will be a part. I want to give people a cheaper education then what college costs (if they are working for themselves, the degree will not matter). I want to debunk all the lies that tell people they supposedly cannot do important projects like fuel on their own at home. And other things that people all need and struggle to afford.

Hope for helping others in the future is what gives me reason to continue through what my men and I will go through now. I hope to talk again upon my return.

—Michael R.

Cattails for my hometown city sewer system

Subject: Schooling

Hi David,

Just a quick question from one of your FARMY members.

I think it is quite possible the company I work for may lay off some workers this spring and I may be going back to school. Are there certain courses that will be beneficial in my pursuing a future in alcohol production? Any thoughts from you on this would sure be appreciated.

I currently live in Lake Mills, Iowa (corn country), but I would like to start a small plant in my old home town in Minnesota (pop. 150). They are considering going to a city sewer system, and I would like to show them how to use cattails in the process. Years ago, city residents killed the idea, but now more people are in favor of a city sewer, as raising water tables are interfering with private sewers.

I am rereading your (very big) book, and have probably watched the video 10 times. So when someone tells me anything wrong about alcohol, I am ready with the info you have provided. In the near future, I am definitely going to be one of your biggest and best advocates. Sad to say that two years ago, I was buying into some of the alcohol myths. Now today I am gathering the pieces to build my first still.

The company I work for throws away a lot of scrap pie dough every week. As soon as my still is complete, I am going to approach my supervisor to let me have the scrap. It is mostly flour and butter or shortening. Starch to ferment and oil to run a little oil burner like your dough-nuts of past.

Thank you so much for inspiring and informing me.

—Leigh B., Lake Mills, Iowa

Alleviating African poverty with permaculture

Since I studied from you, I have designed the “Organic Permaculture Farming Design Technology” (OPFDT), the new approach to African farming in the 21st century, to mitigate climate change and global warming, create employment and economic development, inspire best practices and excellence and alleviate poor African families from poverty in Ghana’s rural communities.

We continue to remain partners in the care of the earth and development of people.

Best Wishes to you and your family,
—Noah T., Ghana

Communities versus Lone Rangers

Subject: Law of the West

I’d like to share a little anecdote and thank you.

A year ago I was doing a permaculture series for Clark County Washington, a WSU Extension. The course was about 60 hours of the 72 hour PDC, and his particular day was fairly early in the course, which was held on alternate Fridays for 2.5 months.

I had asked people to read your article at (, and we discussed it during a seminar. The class was mostly county employees and Extension professionals. The Master Gardeners Program Director asked how you could remove even 5 lbs. per square foot a year and build soil at the same time.

I said I didn’t know. I determined to find the answer, and, shortly after the course, found it right there in the article—and I slapped my forehead, as my 2nd year plant biology studies had covered that—the weight was fixed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

I have a good friend, a forester, who says the law of the west was never the Lone Ranger, but the communities. His understanding is that somehow our communities have eroded and too few people know how to be a good neighbour. He says the law of the west is to be, and have, go-to people.

Your work has been go-to for me, and I’m thankful for what I’ve learned from you, and been inspired to explore, even though we’ve never met. I hope to someday have that pleasure.

May you have a warm and community centred holiday season!

—Deston L.

Just wanted to tell you thanks

Hi David i’m a big fan. I read your book and watched your video. I have most of my alcohol still constructed. Just wanted to tell you thanks!!!!!!!!!

—Jim C.

I was inspired!

Subject: Collaboration

Hi David,
First I’ve got to tell you, I loved your book and dvd, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas”. Very well done. It’s got to be very frustrating to be at it so long, and people are only now really starting to see it. I am a webmaster, and working on a number of projects. It’s just getting started, but I have great plans for it.

I know you are busy, so I’ll get right to the point. I am hoping to be able to help you, in promoting what you do. Not just you, but ANYBODY in America, who is ‘working’ on renewable or sustainable projects, in any area. Like, agriculture/permaculture/gardening, energy, home construction, etc. Could be a small project in someones backyard, or your drivers co-op. Things that are working, and will work for someone else.

Quite frankly, I was INSPIRED, by YOU. In your book you talked about taking you model for ‘local energy producing’ to every country! Not you personally, but through showing an example of how it can be done. In one of Geoff Lawton’s youtube videos, he talked about projects they do all over the world. They pick a place, get all the funding in place for 3 years, hire and train some of the locals to do it all. By the end of 3 years, it’s self-supporting, and the trained local staff take over. WHY NOT TAKE THOSE TWO MODELS AND DO IT HERE IN THE USA???

I personally, plan on moving forward on this. My wife and I are planning on moving to northeastern Washington next year. Starting a homestead, based on permaculture. One of the goals is to be energy self-sufficient. I will be trying to gather together a group of locals to do a local energy co-op project. Then take that experience and package it. Hope you can see yourself in some of this. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

David, I would very much like to help you, and your efforts. I hope you can see opportunities in us working together.


—Tom F.

My 22YO daughter seeks a green career

Subject: Hi Dave: I have a Career Counseling Question

I first heard you on Coast to Coast and that caused me to investigate the ethanol issue. I’ve listened to ten or more of the MP3 shows posted on your web site. Your message is very consistent (digital distributor) and revolutionary.

More than the technology itself, your revelations about the economic benefits should have rung a bell with someone in government considering we can cure many problems by re-engineering our fuel model. I would like to hear more about the idea of growing seaweed on nets in the ocean and fermenting that into fuel. I guess oil tankers could be redeployed as alcohol shuttles. Great ideas.

I write you today because my 22-year-old daughter would like to pursue these great green opportunities. That is to say professions that are green in environmental principle with the pay grade of both the high-tech and energy industries. We see these “green fields” so to speak as the next boom industry where those who have a deep understanding of your permaculture concepts and a complementary academic foundation will see profits where others see waste.

I’ll be listening to the rest of your audio files. I find a new nugget in each one; like that Jack Daly story – wow. They actually tried to erase him? I also thought it interesting that Ford’s Headquarters has a Model T in the lobby where they mislabeled dashboard controls to deny their alcoholic past. You know, you could make a course out of those. By the way, I have your book and DVD. This should be required reading in school.

Thanks Dave.

—Brian H., California

Brazil embraced ethanol in 3 years … Why can’t we?

I was working in Brazil in the early 70’s when it took them only 3 years to go from 100 percent gasoline fueled automobiles to 90 percent ethanol. We in America, after 35 years, are still doing research to see if ethanol will work! Then we haul corn all the way from Nebraska to Santa Maria, California to produce a lower quality ethanol. All this to give naysayers ammunition about ethanol not being cost effective! Go figure!

Hey best of success in all your endeavors!


—Norm R., California

Things are coming along now …

Subject: Getting started and moving right along

Greetings David,

I have just ordered your book (hopefully autographed), DVD and a few still plans from you about 3 days ago. Once I have these items in hand I’m going to get help (somewhere, someone) to write up business plans that will impress the Canadian government grant people such as the Sustainable Development Technology group of Canada (SDTC) and hope for the best. I also have a meeting with a political friend of mine and hope to gain some interesting connections through him, as we go a ways back now and have a good trust.

Things are coming along now and I just wanted to see how you were doing as let you know how serious I am about getting a nice big alternative fuel farm up and running in a nice safe area outside of Vancouver BC Canada here, David. If you hear of anyone else in the area, let me know, please. All leads are positive leads. 🙂 …no matter the subject. The time is right for us to get some good safe land and work it well while loving the planet and making some good money for everything else we need over the next couple years. I can’t wait to have enough power at our farm to be able to actually sell power to the grid on occasion when we have an excess, which sometimes happens I hear after we get solar and wind up and running as well.


—”Purple Crow,” Vancouver, B.C.

PS: I’ve sent many to your website over the last several months, btw. 😉

Reader takes action

Subject: Valero Energy Corp.’s bid to acquire the assets of bankrupt ethanol producer VeraSun Energy Corp

Dear Mr. Blume, Just wanted to say thank you for your lifelong work on alternative fuels and on the hard work you invested in writing the book “Alcohol Can Be a Gas” I just ordered a copy and look forward to reading it.

My father, who passed away in 2004, served the farmers in upstate South Carolina for 40 years as a dedicated fertilizer salesman. He knew the hard work that farmers do to produce crops and the joy they experienced when the crop is harvested and they can see the work of their hands come to fruition. I can think of no better way to honor my father than to support the growing of feedstocks for ethanol production and support ethanol production in small to medium facilities throughout our United States.

I heard you on Coast to Coast AM a few days ago and was amazed by what you had to say.

I noticed on your website that you requested citizens to contact their Congressional representatives, the Department of Justice-Antitrust Division, and the Federal Trade Commission-Bureau of Competition to express concerns regarding the Valero acquisition of VeraSun.

I just wanted you to know that I have contacted via e-mail Representative Bob Inglis, Senator Jim DeMint, Senator Lindsey Graham, the Department of Justice-Antitrust Division, the Federal Trade Commission-Bureau of Competition, and the Department of Agriculture to express concerns regarding the Valero acquisition of VeraSun.

Below is the e-mail that I sent to these parties. I will send you any responses I get from any of these parties.


Dear Representative Inglis,

I believe strongly that the health of our economy and our country is strongly influenced by our dependence on foreign oil AND on the inordinate strength of the US oil companies. I would appreciate if you would read the article below which makes me wonder if the US oil companies are working together to artificially raise the cost of feedstocks to make ethanol so high as to make the cost of producing ethanol not competitive with the cost of producing gasoline.

David Blume, the executive director of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, a promoter of permaculture and alternative fuels, has written a book entitled “Alcohol Can Be A Gas”. In this book he lays out how ethanol can be produced cost effectively on a small to medium scale basis throughout our country. This fuel burns cleaner and the waste products from the production of the fuel can be used as natural fertilizer, both of which will protect the environment. This would also create a massive number of jobs throughout our country as many small to medium size ethanol producers, working in conjunction with LOCAL farmers would see the cost effective benefits of producing an earth sustaining fuel like ethanol, and choose to go into business.

My concern is IF the BIG oil companies are indeed illegally controlling the cost of the feedstocks used to make ethanol, this would discourage a great idea (an idea that may effectively save our planet from the ongoing effects of the pollution from petroleum products) from every taking place.

Representative Inglis, I would appreciate it if you would investigate this matter and provide me with a response. This is too important an issue to ignore. Thanks in advance for your help.

—Jon G.

Proud to know you

I am currently pursuing a Green MBA and last week I heard some people quote your alcohol fuel book, as an abstract entity with great respect & inspiration. I was proud to know you personally as Farmer Dave.

—Marilyn C., California

ACBAG enriched my life

Subject: Ethanol in Florida

I purchased 2 of your books last year. It was a godsend for me because Alcohol Can Be A Gas! got me quickly onto the path of permaculture which I believe has enriched my life. Permaculture got me thinking. In some ways it has taught me how to think. I would love to meet you personally someday. It would be a gas!

—Albert J., Florida

No corn ethanol

Subject: Thanks

I got your book a few months ago, before they were unavailable, and have forged ahead with that great amount of info. I have had my alcohol fuel permit for a number of months – have built my own “still” from 30 & 50 gal drums and I’m ready to distill my first test batch.

Just this week I received my EIN number and my business name, “NO CORN ETHANOL, LLC.”

I know it’s a long, hard, thankless job, but hang in there. Our prayers are with you.

—Russ H., Maine

Better world for our children

Subject: Would like to spread the word.

I heard David Blume on Coast to Coast radio and was shocked at what I heard. The information was outstanding and I would like to tell everyone I can about Alcohol Can Be a Gas. Like the local high school teachers, VFW, the American Legion, the local news paper and farmers. I will do anything to help and would love to give out any information to others on this subject.

If you have any work shops in Illinois coming up I would like to be informed. You have given us hope again in a better world for our children.

God bless.

—Michael P., Illinois

No more excuses

Subject: Cruzfuel

I listened to your interview on Coast-to-Coast AM and was blown away. It was the first time I heard anybody say that a fuel other than gasoline wouldn’t take decades to implement because of the costly changes to the infrastructure. Although I had no specific fuel in mind to challenge gasoline, I always thought that the ‘maybe-in-ten-years’ excuse made no sense. Now, thanks to you, I know it makes no sense.

You’re very persuasive and I’m sure you’ll reach more and more people as they see where we are headed.

Best regards,

—Jim M.

Southeast energy coverup

I was finally able to listen to your original Coast to Coast interview and the one last night. I can see why your website crashed. You did a great job and I think his audience is a bit independent.

As far as last night. You confirmed what I had been thinking. There is way too much that is not adding up as far as getting gas back to the southeast area. I figured it was some shenanigan to jack up the price of fuel. The things is, and maybe it is because it is election time, gas prices here are the lowest they have been in a long time at about $3.35/gallon. Or maybe it is as you say, keeping things as quiet as possible so as to not raise too many questions for the rest of us.

Been using between 30 and 40% ethanol in the cars as splash blended with E85. The ’93 Suburban is at 45% and working quite well. The ’91 Honda works well, but the mileage drop is quite noticeable at 40%, but then anything I do with the Honda other than running straight gasoline seems to adversely affect it.

I have now received much of the components I need to build a still.

—Mike L.

Clean, renewable fuel = independence

Subject: David Blume Interview
Dear George,

Thank you for interviewing David Blume! He has really done outstanding work in promoting clean, renewable alcohol fuel. We can break our dependence on oil while protecting our environment, health, economic vitality and our national security.


—Patrick R.

Pears, cherries, blueberries … inspiration!

I am going to begin the process of removing as much sod from my yard as possible and begin preparing to plant bartlet pear trees instead of bradfords, real cherry trees instead of kwonsons, and blueberry bushes instead of privot hedge!

Thanks for you all your inspiration and vision.

—Rebekah, from Georgia

We drove 600 miles to meet David Blume


Dear George.

Because of your original interview with David Blume, my wife and I drove 600 miles to John Day Or. to meet this brilliant man and learn more of this movement.

This is truly is an “Everybody Wins” answer to so many of our problems. I am enlisted in this effort and will hopefully be raising a fuel crop on our Orcas Island property next year.

Please do keep this simplistic and wonderful solution at the fore of your programming schedule. As you so well know the more attention the masses pay to a subject the sooner comes the solution.

President Elect Obama is a good example, don’t you think?

With great appreciation,

—Barry N., Orcas Island

Who knew? Spuds fuel motorcycles

I’m happy to say in 2003, Mr. Blume during his permaculture course in Santa Cruz CA, inspired me to produce my own ethanol- after years of procrastination I’ve finally done it and could not be happier with the outcome. I used frozen potatoes that were rotting and turned them into a useful fuel source- I’ll now start using that fuel to produce more. I’ve started making plans for next year’s fuel crop and hope to be running a motorcycle on the fuel.

Thanks for the inspiration, keep up the crusade.

—Nathan G., Santa Cruz, CA

Former nay-sayer – ACBAG is mind-blowing

Subject: Whaaht Lahtnin’ in mah Deuce

(Just in case you’re not over 72 as I am, a Deuce is a ’32 Ford. I think it was the first V-8 production engine. [I don’t have one, but the word fit well in the title phrase .])

Congrats are in order and multiple thanks!!!

Just watched “Alcohol Can Be a Gas, Part 1” on YouTube. It’s splendid and clear and mind-blowing (especially for me who was sold on all the ethanol nay-saying) and will go on our new site, up in lights with a short review nearby, etc.

Gratitude on ya in spades doubled and re-doubled! You guys are very good and deserve much more than 15 minutes of fame. Like: how about many moons? After the manner of one of my main culture heroes, Linus Pauling who also suffered from unjustified mainstream dissing. Vitamin C works!! Like alcohol in a Deuce.


—David P.

Sorghum fuel revolution in Georgia!

Subject: Enjoyed our Discussion today…Small Ethanol Fuel Plant Revolution in Georgia!

I enjoyed our discussion today regarding shifting the paradigm here in the United States from a centralized motor vehicle fuel energy infrastructure to a regional structure where the feed stock is grown and the ethanol fuel is produced locally and distributed locally. I will do everything I can to perpetuate that concept in our business model and moving forward with our feasibility study and pilot plant evaluations in converting Sorghum’s sugar content as well as cellulosic content. Working with our local dairy should prove to be the best way to close the ecological loop. Its owner thinks the back slop will be perfect feed for his cows and many farmers here in Georgia already grow sorghum silage now so he will supply us our feed stock as well. We expect to have the pilot plant up and running by the end of October and we will move forward in raising some reasonable capital to build (on the cheap) our small ethanol plant of 500,000 to 1,000,000 gallons per year. By late spring 2009 we hope to be on line and our target customer will be a major municipality in the immediate area. As the plan is to sell to a police fleet we should have little trouble networking with local and state governments in seeking incentives to “wake up” the state of Georgia in getting on the ethanol band wagon.

I look forward to the day when I can meet David Blume. Hearing David interviewed by George on Coast to Coast using my online Coast to Coast subscription was the best $6.95 and cheapest investment with the highest return I have ever made in business. Keep up the good work! Let’s stay in touch.

With Kindest Regards,

—Howard B.

David Blume – making a real difference

Subject: RE: Speaking in New Mexico

Wow, We’re so proud of you, thank you for all your hard work, long hours, money spent…you’re amazing and your life is definitely making a difference. We’re waiting patiently for the book and will look forward to reading it hopefully making our own alcohol for fuel. Still wish you could come to Rodeo, New Mexico. When you find something really good, you just want to share it and we want to share you.

Warm regards,

—Paula J. and Harry R., New Mexico

You make me want to be a farmer!

Subject: I am interested in helping you

You make me want to be a farmer!!!! Listened to your show on George Noory. I’m glad to finally find out that the corn was a manipulated futures fiasco. The press even said all the corn growing was contributing to our ‘warming.’

You are offering a solution. I hear a ring of truth in your voice! This is a grass roots SOLUTION! It isn’t pie in the sky. I wrote to George (last year) with a small factory a Canadian has developed using stubble. Whatever it takes. Like potato skins from In and Out!

We need NEW/old ideas like yours to get us back on our feet and out of our crippling need for oil. How fabulous if we go green in the process. It is a win/win.

I live in Anaheim, CA and don’t have land. However, I can write articles and letters to Washington. I can also proofread.

Thanks for DOING something!!!!

—Clare H., Anaheim

Obama and Pickens should hear your message

Mr Blume, enjoyed your guest appearance on Coast to Coast last night. You said you will try to get an appearance before the Obama administration to present your knowledge & ideas about alcohol as a full fuel alternative to gasoline & disesel. I hope you are well received & your plan reviewed seriously! If not, I am sure T. Boone Pickens would be interested & ready to act or invest if all is legit. He would certainly recognize a business opportunity & know his way around DC & business world to get it off the ground.
I plan to get your book to read more about alcohol production & most profitable & efficient plant sources. You presented a very convincing case on C2C last night. I may be interested in further pursuing as a business opportunity after more review& research.

—Jack & Eloise M.

Loved your show

David I loved your show with George airing on the 14th. I was in the process of going to Macon MO (POET plant). I have been using syrup and DDGS for over 3years now as a food source for my cattle. Wish I could have called in. I pull about 4 tanker loads a week from most of the plants in MO. Would have liked to offered a little insight to the show. Most of the opposition here in MO is from the Grocery Association and the Big Oil Blenders. Grocery companies say ethanol is the reason for high corn prices and blenders are raping us at .51gal to add to foreign oil (gas). Anyway great show.

—Danny M., Missouri

Looking forward to getting involved


—Linda G.

I’m now a believer

Mr. Blume,

I’ve bought 2 copies of your new book as well as accepting your challenge to add a gallon of E85 to your tank with each fillup.

My car is an old 92 Buick Century and it does run on E85. The best mix seems to be a 50/50 mix but will also run on full E85.

When you were on Coast to Coast in July I was honestly quite skeptical of your alcohol fuel claims. Listeners could easily hear that you were very knowlegable on the whole issue just by the level of detail that you would answer questions. Many people promoting bio type fuels or replacements seem to use cutting language when describing the social and economic aspecs of the use of bio fuels but you were much more “matter of fact”.

It was your original interview that hooked me on the possibility of using alcohol as a fuel. After I started adding E85 to my car and noticed immediately that it ran better, I had to have a copy of your new book.

Since receiving and reading (select chapters of) your book, I’m all the more impressed with your work. It’s just as you described it, the most comprehensive collection of information required to produce, use and convert vehicles and appliances to use alcohol as opposed to oil products.

The more I read your work and hear you speak on the subject of alcohol fuel, the more that I’m sure that we can survive and even flourish without oil.

Thank you for all your efforts. I’m now a believer.

—Shawn L.

Our energy future must be scalable from the backyard on up

Great show on thursday!! I didn’t know about New Zealand. I think this could be critical in terms of people evisioning/embracing a new future. People seem dismissive of Brazil.

I liked O’s message of “we can”. The “take me to your leader” mentality has only served to reinforce centralization. What ever our energy future it must be scalable from the backyard on up. I have argued since the 90s of the paradoxical nature of globalization: that it is really a return to the local.

I have three very different situations that I would like to look @: my university c/w a farm; an isolated coastal community with ferry-only service, no road access; and an arid wine region. They are all actually in quite close proximity. Bottom line: I need to learn how to do a convincing feasibility study. Any thoughts?


—Wayne O.

I was absolutely amazed!

Subject: you blew me away

i just wanted to say hello and tell you i heard you on coast to coast the other night- that was the first time i’ve ever heard about alcohol as fuel and i was absolutely amazed- i am very interested in persuing this and trying to get as many others involved as possible- i am so glad

—Rachel S.

Well-credentialed reader thanks George Noory

Subject: Interview with David Blume

Dear George,

I listened to your interview with David Blume last Thursday. I thought it was a very interesting interview. I have his book Alcohol Can Be a Gas! and have read the book. I have a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Physics (Univ. of Delaware), M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Univ. of Illinos at Urbana-Champaign) and an M.D. Degree (medical doctor) (University of Illinois in Chicago).

As you know, the book is quite long, detailed and generally appears to be quite authoritative. And Mr. Blume has a great deal of experience in this field. And Mr. Blume makes a very credible case for the widespread use of ethanol in the U.S. starting essentially now, without waiting for further developments like cellulosic ethanol. I believe his contention that the petroleum industry is spreading misinformation to discredit alcohol as a viable current fuel option is credible. I believe that David Blume’s ideas are definitely worth considering and should be explored further.

Thank you very much for having him on the air.


—Bob M., M.D.

I want to encourage Obama to use your plan


I want to be part of the group that signs the petition to encourage the new president to help unemployment by stimulating the use and conversion to ethanol. If there is such a group.

I listened to your AM broadcast on the internet and thought it was a great start. I was glad to hear Pres Obama voted for alcohol and think we should encourage 30% ethanol nation wide.

I belong to the Pickins army and want to help the US by being involved in your FARMY!

—Shawn L.

Tell the politicians what we want



Thank you for Dave ‘s message of alcohol as gas. If Brazil already use ethnol more than gas for fuel this year, and we are still wondering how to set our energy priority, what is the problem? I agrre with Dave we should organize ourself start from small community base, tell the politician what we want and show them what can be done.

Thank again,

—Paul C.

I’ve been firing off emails


I’m happy to a part of this revolution. Obama’s administration is asking for suggestions regarding energy and the environment and I’ve been firing off emails referring them to your book and website. I’ll be showing your DVD (just got it today) to any and every group I can assemble and will encourage everyone I can to join in support of this movement.

Thanks for all you’ve done!

—Sally A.

Navyman excited about a new plan for the military to save America

Subject: new sale for you and good news.

As you know (and probably forgot 🙂 ) I already bought your book from knowledge publications a long time ago. I just bought from you the package deal 1 hard cover 1 soft cover 2x dvd’s. Remember I told you I was a Navy SeaBee (read construction guys with guns). I spent a year now and I have earned alot of respect from my chain of command and they are intereasted in alternative energy.

I am having you ship these books directly to my detachment officer in charge. He is already very excited cus I told him some of the stories you tell. After he sees the dvd the book will already be in his hands. These guys are builders, welders, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics. Everybody we need. And I’ve got the money to start us off. did I mention alot of them are farmers. They also want to look into corn kernel powered stoves. Got any recomendations?

Anyway Dave, my masterplan is finaly starting to take off. This is my beachead. Would be nice if the military realy did save america…But in the way you and I might prefer. God bless you Dave. Never give up. Seabee’s never do, and it’s worked out pretty well for us so far 🙂


Thank you for showing me the way out of the gas prison

Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:43 PM
Subject: U.S.Sugar considers ethanol plant

I heard David’s interview on Coast to Coast the other night and was so excited that I got up at 3:30 AM and pulled up your web site and ordered the book, DVD and still plans. I also joined the farmy group.

When I got home from work today I was plesently surprised to see in the local section of our news paper, The Fort Myers News-Press, That U.S. Sugar Corp.based in Clewiston, Fl. and Illinois-based Coskata Inc.are exploring construction of a cellulosic ethanol facility in Clewiston. The plant would convert unused sugar cane material into ethanol. They say it is expected to produce 100 million gallons per year and would be the world’s largest second generation ethanol facility. You can read the full story at Tuesday 11-18-08 edition.

If this deal goes through it will not only be a tremendous boost to the high unemployment in Clewiston, but also a great start to replace gas with alcohol. I filled up with gas today in Fort Myers at $1.94 a gallon, but it certainly will start to increase soon and continue to rise ever higher.

Keep spreading the word. I’m telling everyone I meet. Thank you for showing me the way out of the gas prison.

—Bill, Fort Myers, Florida

I’m totally dedicated to the cause

FANTASTIC interview and stories from last interview, David. Thank-you for this. (Live C2C am presently)

Not sure exactly what we’re going to do with your plans or how BIG we’ll be, but I’m going to DO THIS one way or another! If I have to get more involved I WILL – whatever it takes. I am going to produce alcohol fuel for sale as well as anything else that arrives with our GROWTH plans. One business man who’ll assist us will be ready to start working together in a couple weeks. I’ll get the books and DVDs this way shortly once I talk to another Lady who’s also involved. 🙂

You rock, David! Thanks again for the GREAT stories tonight. Let me know when we can speak by phone again for a while to go over some things as we’re VERY preliminary but I’m TOTALLY dedicated to the cause.


Everything you say in your book is true

Hi. Just wanted to update you on what is happening. Last evening I watched an energy program on PBS and everything you said in your book is true. Most of these CEO’S and Politicians are idiots. I am about ¾’s of the way through your book. As I mentioned before I have a small Ice Cream operation to move. I would like to link it with a distilling operation so that each could supply energy to the other. I have talked to two state representatives, agricultural extension people, a small winery operator, and some financial people. There seems to be some interest in this kind of project. If this is possible it could be a very exciting project. In light of what I saw last night if we can’t change directions we are in for some very horrible times. I am continuing to move forward as fast as I can.

Any thoughts would be reassuring.

—Warren W.

David Blume obviously cares

Darn, I missed that interview but maybe I can still get it on line. We’ve been busy in Rodeo promoting David Blume and have invited people in to see the Video. Rave reviews…he’s making a big difference in people’s thinking. Harry and I are so impressed. One person can make such a big difference when they care and David Blume obviously cares. Please, please thank him again for us…things move slowing in Hidalgo County, New Mexico, but getting the word out is sure getting people to think!

I listen to the DVD over and over so that I’ll have the facts right, pretty soon I’ll have it memorized, HA!

Warm regards,

—Paula J. and Harry R., New Mexico

I’m writing you in as president

Hey! dave / great to hear you last night /Most people are stuck on the “corn’ propaganda.. They didn’t give you much to work with but you made the best of it / You are great at setting the record straight & correcting the uninformed “One Brickhead at a time”you’ve got more patience than I

I’m writing you in as president…./you could be the first viral president ,Keep me in mind for your cabinet Ha! And your book is amazing

—Roger H.

If your DVD were a VHS tape, it would be worn out by now

Hello David, It is 3:00 AM AST here on the East Coast of Canada and I just finished listening to you on Coast To Coast. Great appearance!

I set my alarm to wake up at 2:00 AM AST so I could make sure to hear you. You are a great speaker but it must drive you crazy to constantly have to keep defending alcohol and all of the myths associated with it. I know the little that I do to defend it compared to what you must do drives me crazy.

I am glad it is a DVD and not a VHS Tape that I got with your book or else it would be worn out by now. It is such a great teaching tool to bring people up to speed.

Thanks for being part of the solution and keeping these major issues in the forefront and not swept under the rug like most would like it. Maybe next time the host will let you talk more and not try to talk over you so much…

Thank you,

—Paul B., Canada

This is about community


Many of the attendants WERE VERY INTERESTED….but I kept hearing them say “I”, “I”, “I” during our many conversations wherein they had many questions or concerns…..ABOUT COSTS, MATERIALS, SKILLS/OR MAN-HOURS TO DO THE PROJECT, etc.

I brought BACK AROUND TO THE IDEA…..that it REALLY ISN’T “I” ANYMORE….IT HAS TO BE ….I & WE. Because much of their hesitation was/is about “DOING IT ALL ALONE”.







—Mark S.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the depth of this new Alcohol Book and DVD

I have never seen one with both the history and technical aspects of alcohol all in one place. Really wonderful.

—Michael Roach

I want to support this movement!

I have purchased and read your book. It is fantastic. Thank you for your work and for sharing this information with everyone. I am sickened by the big oil companies, our ridiculous addiction to foreign oil, and the horrid pollution it creates. I live in Los Angeles, and there is finally an E-85 station coming. I want to do something to support this movement. For now, that will be using a blend of E-85 in my 1994 BMW. After reading your book, I am considering moving back to Pennsylvania (where my brothers and I have a 70-acre plot of land that is not being used for anything) and making alcohol. I have bought a second copy of the book for my brother.


Ideas are popping into my head like crazy!

Yesterday I received the Alcohol Can Be a Gas! book and DVD. I’ve watched the DVD and begun reading the book, and I LOVE IT! I’ve lots of reading yet to do, but already ideas are popping into my head like crazy. I feel that these two items will have a large amount of value for both my family here and my in-laws in the Philippines; in fact, it may have an even larger impact on their life over there, as one of their income-producing activities is driving a tricycle, and fuel costs have made it difficult to turn a decent profit.

Lots of free fruit falling off the trees for them, other biomass all around (sugar cane should do very well there, as there’s bamboo all over), livestock in the village to consume left-overs…soot-free alcohol for cooking, alcohol for disinfecting, perhaps cattails for sewage treatment, high-grade fertilizer. Many benefits. The biogas books had me excited for them, but tying that knowledge to what is in this book will, I believe, help them immensely.

It’s been busy the last few days, so I’ve not had time to read as much as I’d like—but it just keeps getting more exciting. Good thing I ordered up a hardcover copy and DVD from your website last week—the softcover and DVD I got is already getting a bit rough around the edges.


Your book doesn’t stay in my possession long …

I saw the video of your interview in Portland, Oregon, and am yet again impressed with your ability to rapidly and clearly communicate. At SolFest, I bought a soft-cover version of ACBAG with DVD because I knew I would need multiple copies if I was going to be able to keep my hardcover copy for myself. It does not stay in my possession long, as it gets passed along. People are very interested, and I’m sure this is going to lead to more sales for you.

—John S.