Watsonville, California
May 2, 2022
For Immediate Release

We Can Take Away Putin’s Oil Power and Stop Relying on Foreign Oil

Dave Blume, author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas!, announced today his 12-Point Plan for American Energy Independence.

“It’s time for America, and the world, to stop relying on oil. Nations depending on oil are like drug addicts depending on heroin,” said Blume. Otherwise-democratic countries like France and Germany are permitting a Russian dictator to invade a democratic nation out of fear of being cut off from their fossil fuels. We need to start relying on ourselves for the fuel we need to run our cars and our country, and my 12-point plan is a simple blueprint to do it.”

According to Blume, an alcohol-powered US “could put the Russian genie back in the bottle.” Running our nation’s vehicles, freighters, and aircraft on alcohol would result in a surplus of oil which the US could supply to democracies around the world at a lower price than what Russia’s oily dictator sells.”

Blume points out that “doing the right thing usually comes at a cost. But alcohol is not only far cheaper than gasoline but is also the right fuel to reverse climate change. By committing to finally ending the petroleum energy monopoly, we would restore democratic free market competition, ending oily dictators threatening their customers.”

How It Works

Blume, an expert in local-scale alcohol production and author of the worldwide bestselling book, Alcohol Can Be A Gas!, explains that it is easy, ecological, and cost-effective to produce alcohol fuel both on farms throughout the US and also from urban food processing waste now being banned from landfills — and to distribute it by building a series of fuel stations and upgrading current stations. Tens of millions of cars in the US already are flex fuel capable — able to run on any mixture of alcohol and petrol-fuel. Inexpensive aftermarket kits allow older vehicles to support democratic alcohol use just like flex fuel new cars.

Blume has created the 12-point plan as a package for the legislature to pass “just like they passed President Carter’s Windfall Profits tax on oil companies that were caught gouging the public in the past. Carter used the proceeds of that tax to fund production of renewable domestic alcohol fuel.  As a result, American farmers now produce 16 billion gallons of renewable, clean, domestic vehicle fuel. Without that fuel, the price today would be dollars higher than we are already seeing at the pump.

Dave Blume’s 12-Point Plan for American Energy Independence

The 12-point program is designed to Increase Alcohol Fuel Production, Increase Alcohol Fuel Use, and Stockpile Alcohol Fuel.

1. Build alcohol production plants on farms nationwide

Give as much funding to the USDA to establish a Democratic Fuel Fund as we are spending to support Ukraine’s military. The fund would be used to loan money at 1% interest to farms and businesses to build small, medium, and large alcohol plants nationwide. It would also be used to build independent alcohol fuel stations nationwide outside the control of oil company ownership.

2. Reduce alcohol crop certification time

Mandate that the certification time for a new crop for alcohol production be reduced to 90 days from the nearly unlimited years it takes now. Instead of just corn — crops like sorghum, sugar beets, jerusalem artichokes, cattails, marine algae, and many more multi-use plants.

3. Extend and increase the alcohol production tax credit

Triple and extend the per gallon tax credit to $3 for E100 (100%) alcohol fuel at all scales of production, to stimulate investment and capitalization of new plants. Pay for it by eliminating the Oil Depletion Allowance, an ancient subsidy to the oil industry still on the books.

4. Normalize flex fuel

Mandate that ALL new cars sold in the US, both foreign and domestic, be flex fuel capable to E100, including hybrids. Mandate that all used cars sold in the US have a flex fuel conversion installed within 14 days of arrival on a dealer’s lot.  No car can be sold in our democracy without being flex fuel.

5. Normalize blender pumps

Require all fuel stations to use blender pumps, which draw fuel from gasoline and alcohol tanks to sell a variety mixtures of gasoline with 106 octane alcohol. This supplies all vehicles from regular to super premium. Fund this upgrade on 100,000 fuel stations across the country and mandate that all new fuel stations be designed for blending the two fuels at the pump.

6. Increase alcohol fuel use at the current pumps

All cars on the road today can use 25% alcohol. Mandate all gasoline sold contain 25% alcohol instead of the current 15% while the nation upgrades all stations to blender pumps.

7. Require heated fuel injection

Provide a tax credit to every driver that installs heated fuel injectors that eliminate the need to use gasoline mixed into alcohol to assist engine starting in frigid parts of the country.

8. Mandate that the federal government use alcohol fuel

Mandate that all federal gasoline vehicles be flex fuel to E100.

9. Mandate that federally funded state and local governments use alcohol fuel

Require that all new gasoline vehicles purchased by all State or Local municipalities that receive federal money for anything be flex fuel to E100 and that they convert older vehicles over the next year utilizing the funding from the Democratic Fuel Fund.

10. Feedstock waste credit

11. Make all pipelines alcohol-ready

Mandate that all pipelines for fossil fuel in the US be required to be certified alcohol-capable. In reality, almost all of them are now alcohol-ready, and all should be certified.

12. Stockpile alcohol fuel

Unlike fossil fuel, stored alcohol never goes bad. Establish a decentralized national alcohol fuel reserve to store over 40 billion gallons (20% of annual fossil fuel use in the US). Increase this percentage by an equal amount every year divided proportionately in all 50 states.

Get Involved! Contact Your Legislators

  • Address your text to 50409, and in the message type the word CONGRESS.
  • Up will come up a request for your name and address.
  • After you provide that, the names of your congresspeople will appear and a place for you to put the message you want to send them.
  • And the message should be “Support Dave Blume’s 12-point energy plan!”

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