Useful Links About Alcohol Fuel

Here are a few of our favorite links about alcohol fuel (ethanol), including some interesting DIY projects.

General Ethanol Information

The Alcohol Glossary, compiled by John E. Murtagh

From Journey to Forever, based in Japan, a great all-round resource for biofuels, community development, and appropriate technology: Ethanol The Energy Balance of Ethanol Food or Fuel Ethanol resources on the web JTF Online Biofuels Library Mother Earth News Alcohol Fuel Seminar Schools participation Farm-scale ethanol fuel production plant |

Biofuels Explained, from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

Do-It-Yourself Ethanol Projects

How to Modify Your Car to Run on Alcohol Fuel,” by Roger Lippman

Convert Your Car to Alcohol,” by Keat B. Drane

Home Distillation of Alcohol,” by Tony Ackland

Make Your Own Fuel,” by Robert Warren

Making and Testing a Biodiesel Fuel made from Ethanol and Waste French-Fry Oil,” a printable file (PDF) from the University of Idaho

The Manual for Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel,” by S.W. Mathewson

Energy Information Portal of the U.S. Department of Energy

Research on Ethanol

The Journey to Forever Biofuels Library has a wealth of emissions information

Search for “ethanol“, Argonne National Laboratory

Details of Fuels,” a printable file (PDF) from Comparison of Transport Fuels, Australian Greenhouse Office

Ethanol Organizations

Ethanol search, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Growth Energy (formerly National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition)

Renewable Fuels Association